COVID-19 stats shown on Google Maps

Cool stuff! So you can check easily now how your tarvel target performs with the COVID-19 stats shown on Google maps.

COVID-19 stats
Europe map


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Busy with Microsoft Power BI

Sorry that I could not go further with the folding@home project for the time being, but I as busy with Microsoft Power BI. Not for privat but for business.

It’s really much recommended and it’s a lot of fun to implement.

We were changing a lot in the data model during implementation, so it’s also recommended not to start directly with the implementation but spend more time with the data model and the processes behind.

And only start with the implementation when these are fixed .

Then I guarantee you the implementation is really super easy 🙂

We were compiling a setup consisting of multiple excel files and some sharepoint lists. But there are also plenty of other sources available you can grab the data from.

And then it’s so easy to just include the dynamical graphs of Microsoft Power BI into a sharepoint site. Just lovely!

Microsoft Power BI
Power BI graph

Unfortunately I cannot share any screen shot from our data etc. as all the information is company confidential.

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Microsoft acquires robotic process automation platform Softomotive

The next future will be more and more about robotic process automation. And for Microsoft it will be a big help from that new platform Softomotive into that direction.

robotic process automation
Keep on running…


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Oura rings catching COVID-19 symptoms

With these quite smart finger rings you can monitor if you have COVID-19 symptoms.

I find them much more convenient than watches as I don’t wanna sleep with a watch on the arm.

Just give it a try!

COVID-19 symptoms
Lord of the ring



Städte der Zukunft

In dem Artikel wird ein Konzept für die Städte der Zukunft beschrieben, smart cities mit – natürlich – einer Menge Technologie. Die Algorithmen steuern die Städte.

Städte der Zukunft

Die Philosophie dahinter ist, daß man mit Technologie alle Probleme lösen kann. Ich vermute, dass die Personen das auch glauben.

Auf der anderen Seite sehe ich schon, dass wir damit viele Leute ausgrenzen werden. Der Spagat zwischen Reich und Arm wird immer größer. Die Bürger werden zu einem Spielball der Algorithmen und werden von den Unternehmen benutzt um Geld zu verdienen.