Tear down the fake wall

Here is a very nice description with facts and numbers why there are many arguments to tear down the fake wall in the US, that the bully is wanting to build.

A simple data analysis disproves the argument for building a border wall


The myth of money, job and marrige happiness

There is still the myth of money, job and marriage happiness.

But is that true?

It’s the question if we are always willing to behave in such a way the (sometimes unspoken) rules of the society require it.

If you are glad to live in a country that provides the basic needs for living easily, then you very often have the chance to define by yourself how you want to live. Although you still have to obey some basic rules for living together with other people in your society.

You can also compare these stories with the stories about e.g. money and societies, described by Harari.

And, BTW, this is my car, house, wife, boat,…;-)

myth of money


What3words breaking the world

A new approach is coming from what3words, breaking the world down into phrases.

A pity that the app is still crashing on my phone, even after having longer discussions with the support 🙁


What3words breaks the world down into phrases



Roboter auf dem Feld

Für Roboter auf dem Feld gibt es noch sehr viele Anwendungsbereiche. Und auch noch viel Optimierungspotential in der Landwirtschaft.


Staat im Griff von Beratern

Unser Staat ist fest im Griff von ein paar Beratungsfirmen. Und wir als Gesellschaft geben dafür eine Menge Geld aus.