Robotic vision of Elon Musk

The robotic vision of Elon Musk wasn’t wrong for automating the Model 3 assembly line. He was just ahead of his time.


Drone food delivery in Australia

Customers in the Australian capital can get a drone food delivery provided by Google X Wing.

drone food delivery

Store renewable energy as methane gas

Researchers want to store renewable energy as methane.

This would be another way instead of using batteries as energy storage device. And for the production of the batteries you need a lot of seldomly available resources.


renewable energy as methane
Methan gas

Achtbeinige Genies

Spinnen sind achtbeinige Genies, und auch Tintenfische und dergleichen sind bewundernswert.

Wir Menschen überschätzen uns häufig und denken, wir sind einzigartig.

Das stimmt auch teilweise, nur nicht in allen Bereichen.

achtbeinige Genies
Haarige Angelegenheit

Self-driving car navigating with cameras

Watch a self-driving car navigating with cameras and basic GPS only.

That’s quite impressive realizing a self driving car with such low hardware investments.

self-driving car navigating with cameras

Soon a raspberry Pi is enough handling the performance requirements 😉