Blue man philosophy

Matt is one of the founders of the very famous blue man group.

Although his talk is about his work, I think you can use and adapt his philosophy for any other situation in life as well.

And bringing the creativity to school is a great idea.

At the work side it has quite a lot of matches to the agile methodology, where the team is everything, and it is very important to respect each other.

The search for „aha!“ moments | Matt Goldman https://www.ted.com/talks/matt_goldman_the_search_for_aha_moments?rss

Von Gerhard Vogt

Born in Munich, but living more then 10 years now in the lovely Stuttgart area.
Grown up in a technical environment, moved then into the project and people management.
I'm interested in plenty of outdoor sports like sailing, biking, skiing, hiking, but also ball sports like tennis and badminton.
Travelling the world, and making photos is another hobby.
Never get bored! :-)

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