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Dynamic DNS service with fritzbox

If you are the owner of an avm router, you can setup a dynamic DNS service with the fritzbox.

Recently my current dyndns provider no-ip had an outage, and it took me around one hour to detect the root cause of the problem. The service guys of no-ip responded fast, I have to admit. But it took one complete day till the service was finally back.

So I was looking for another solution. And was successful with the service of avm.

I will explain the necessary steps setting up the service.

First you have to configure the MyFritz account by opening your fritzbox and going to „Internet/MyFritz! Konto“.

There you enter the credentials as requested and show in the screen shots:

MyFritz! account
MyFritz! account details
MyFritz! Account with SSL Zertificate

You can also configure specific users only accessing the fritzbox from the internet and you can configure an SSL certificate using LetsEncrypt (recommended.

Then you configure the port forwarding from the MyFritz!Konto IP address to the device behind your fritzbox, in my case a raspberryPi3:

Port forwarding
Dynamic DNS service with fritzbox
Port forwarding for the MyFritz! Account

After that is all done, you are ready to set the domain forwarding at your domain provider. The interface may vary based on your domain provider management GUI.

Domain forwarding
Domain forwarding

Another advantage is also that you don’t have an outage of your site when your IP address is changed by the ISP, as the router immediately recognizes that and reconfigures the entries in the MyFritz!-Account data base.


The MyFritz! Account is a very good solution for a dynamic DNS service with a fritzbox.


Recently I had some problems with the fritz service. Either there were outages for a few hours or I had to disconnect from the service and reconnect again. So I was going for a backup solution.

And I found a very good free service dyndns.de that is running now for some time without any problems.

This means I have setup now two Dynamic DNS services to connect to.

For switching between these two services I just have to change the CNAME entry in the DNS service of my hosting provider as shown above.

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