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Effects of Uber and Lyft

The effects of Uber and Lyft will happen here as well. If you make it easier for the customers to use a service, they will do it. So more and more people will use such a convenient and cheap possibility to travel or commute.

This also means that we still need a lot of infrastructure. But as soon as the autonomous cars arrive, they don’t need to be parked in the cities anymore. They can be parked and charged and maintained in suburbs around the cities.

On the other hand the cities will get more polluted by the exhaust…

And the answer to that problem is that we are going electric, removing the noise and the exhaust from the cities.


Effects of Uber and Lyft

But this comes with a price, of course. We outsource the problem of the dirty energy generation to somewhere outside the city. And as long as we still produce – in this case – electrical energy with e. g. coal, we still have a problem. So we have to switch to an energy production system that is not polluting our environment any more, means going for a green energy generation.

Uber and Lyft looks like a solution first, but on the other hand it generates problems as well.


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