Five Skills That Will Give You An Edge In The Future Workspace

Many companies host training programs from time to time to ensure that their workers stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. Even self-employed people enroll in online bootcamps for job training programs that will help them improve their skills. This goes to show that change is always coming in the global workforce and only those who follow the train of change will remain relevant. Right now, some skills are in higher demand than others. Following the trend, it’s still easy to predict which skills are most likely to be in high demand in the next few decades. 

1. Financial Planning 

There will always be a high demand for financial experts. If you have an eye for finances, you should consider specializing to improve your chances of getting a job. The best part is that financial experts are needed in every industry. Even non-profit organizations hire them to keep track of their expenses and flag financial irregularities. The job opportunities for financial planners are incredible now and in the future. You can become a financial adviser, financial consultant, or financial analyst. Right now, one of the highest paying jobs for financial experts is the position of chief financial officer. You can get over $130,000 as a CFO in the United States. 

2. Mobile App Development Skills 

Users of mobile technology are increasing daily and mobile app developers are needed to make these apps functional. All the applications on your phone and tablet were designed by mobile app developers and the demand for these experts will increase significantly as time passes. To become a mobile app developer, you can start by joining an online bootcamp. Within a few months, you can learn how to become a mobile app developer from a reliable website. If you don’t want to dive into app development, you can work on becoming an app designer instead. There are courses for app designers on Bootcamprankings.com. Mobile app developers make up to $124,487 yearly in the United States. 

3. Sales Skills 

There is always going to be work to do in sales. It doesn’t matter how advanced technology becomes. As long as products and services continue to be developed, there will be a high demand for people with excellent sales skills. As a salesperson, you need to be persuasive and charismatic. You should be able to convince buyers that the products and services you’re selling to them are better than anything their competitors can offer. With time, you can advance from an entry-level sales position to a sales leadership position. If you secure a leadership role in sales, you can earn between $76,067 to $110,292 yearly in the United States. 

4. Analytical Reasoning Skills 

Analytical reasoning is a transferable skill that will come in handy across industries. It is the ability to recognize patterns and assess data that others don’t naturally see. People with analytical reasoning skills can work under pressure and power through problems quickly. As stated above, it is a transferable skill so you’ll have many job opportunities in law enforcement, business, and data science. The yearly pay depends on the sector and the job description. 

5. Communication Skills 

Communication is another important skill that you need in the future workspace. Those who have effective communication skills are engaged listeners. They tend to do more listening than talking. This isn’t just limited to listening with your ears, you also need to use your eyes and take note of the person’s emotions and display empathy. You also need to know how to converse with people in and out of the office. Perfecting your non-verbal communication skills will also make you more effective at communicating. 


If you want to prepare for the future of work, you need to be willing to build your skills from time to time. The five skills listed above will be important for the foreseeable future but this doesn’t mean that they will remain relevant forever. In the next 50 years, some other skills might become more important than the ones listed above. So, the most important skill any worker should have is the ability to adapt to change

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