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Folding@home remote client prototype

Yeah, a first version of the folding@home remote client prototype is ready to go!

The use case of the software is the following :

The available client software for the folding@home project concentrates on making the calculations for the famous protein project. That makes complete sense.

Folding@home remote client

On the other hand sometimes I also want just to control my clients from the mobile phone. And this problem is solved by the remote client.

The software makes no calculations at all, it just controls the other devices/clients where the calculations are happening.


With the prototype you can already perform the following actions :

  • Add a new client with name, IP address and port
  • Edit the client’s properties
  • Delete a client
  • Select a client and perform the following actions :
    • Select the power used for the calculations
    • Start, Pause and finish folding of a slot
    • While a client is selected, it’s status including multiple properties is pulled in regular intervals

The next actions/features I have in mind :

  • Compile a runnable IOS and Android package
  • Make the GUI more beautiful with e. g. images for the buttons etc.
  • Add another screen for the work unit details
  • Implement a link to the user or show the browser results
  • Implement a link to the project or show the browser results

If you want to contribute just grab the code at https://github.com/hardy2408/FAH_Remote

For the implementation you need the following :

Let me know, if you wanna contribute, not only via a merge request 😉

One test I cannot do with my environment as I only have a laptop with one CPU.

So you can also contribute just with testing in an environment where one server has more than one CPU / GPU. Then the machine would have multiple slots.

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