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ISP controls your router

My ISP hosteurope told me that a network modernization is happening. Fine, I thought, can only be good. But are you aware that the ISP controls your router?

ISP controls your router

Despite the fact that I don’t see a change in the connection like better performance, I was really astonished when I got two emails from my router.

It stated, that the ISP had remotely updated it to the latest firmware.

And with a second email I got informed, that the ISP had remotely restarted the router.

This means, you have no control over the router by yourself. It’s just the question of how far this can go. Means, does anyone behind the ISP also has these options?

I bought the router long time ago, and fortunately it’s still working fine.

And I’m not aware that I gave the ISP the right to do anything with it, except setting up a connection with his network, of course.

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