Ökostrom Rekord

Vom Jahr 2000 bis heute in 2018 hat sich eine Menge getan mit unserer „Grünen Energie“, dem Ökostrom. Von 5% auf 42% ist einfach fantastisch!

Green energy mit Ökostrom

Quelle: https://www.heise.de/amp/tp/features/Oekostrom-Rekord-in-Deutschland-4060853.html

Von Gerhard Vogt

Born in Munich, but living more then 10 years now in the lovely Stuttgart area.
Grown up in a technical environment, moved then into the project and people management.
I'm interested in plenty of outdoor sports like sailing, biking, skiing, hiking, but also ball sports like tennis and badminton.
Travelling the world, and making photos is another hobby.
Never get bored! :-)

Eine Antwort auf „Ökostrom Rekord“

[…] But this comes with a price, of course. We outsource the problem of the dirty energy generation to somewhere outside the city. And as long as we still produce – in this case – electrical energy with e. g. coal, we still have a problem. So we have to switch to an energy production system that is not polluting our environment any more, means going for a green energy generation. […]

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