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Python software project for folding@home remote client

After a long time of not programming and just configuring software – and working as a manager in a heavily growing company – I started a new python software project for the folding@home project.

I was inspired first by the folding@home project itself. This project supports heavily finding new vaccines and other drugs while calculating protein folding activities. These computations are also related to the COVID-19 desease.

So please join and contribute the idle time of your computer(s)@home to the project!

Python software project for folding@home

Second I wanted to learn python for a long time already.

So I thought why not combining these two ideas, specifically during the not so busy corona time (that’s not completely true, as I’m in the luxury position to be still 100% busy at work ;-))

Methods learned

The methods I learned so far are quite a lot:

  • Python programming itself, including object oriented programming (I’m sure there are still plenty of things I don’t know)
  • Kivy, a library for a GUI, based on python, where you are able to produce applications for different mobile operating systems
  • Working with threads in python for regulary polling the clients
  • Virtual environments for python
  • Working with GIT for the first time as a version management system, and using github as a cloud version
  • Implementing a telnet client to connect to multiple processing folding@home clients (the API is sometimes a bit weird)

The idea is to compile an app that can be used on any mobile device to control folding@home clients in your local network – or also from outside your network as long as you have access to the folding@home clients via an IP V4 address.

For the time being you always have to have a folding@home client running at your local machine to control other clients. With my app you can control the clients also just with any mobile device.

I have some long ago experience with C++ and Java, but honestly working with python is much easier and makes much more fun!


If you want to contribute to the project, just let me know. I will publish the source code soon on github.

The first prototyp with some GUI and some telnet commands is already running 🙂

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Grown up in a technical environment, moved then into the project and people management.
I'm interested in plenty of outdoor sports like sailing, biking, skiing, hiking, but also ball sports like tennis and badminton.
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