Voter suppression in the USA

I’m not even sure if you can call that a voter suppression in the USA or better a voter deletion.


Greg Palast

More and more I’m coming to the opinion that the USA is not a democracy IMHO. Of course its always a question of definition.

Voter suppression in the USA
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They are far off with a system of equal rights. Just look who differently the black people are still treated. Still after that long time after the civil war in 1865.

And it’s really amazing and shocking that one role is allowed to decide so many things directly only with very low control by another institution.

Or maybe I’m wrong that there is some kind of control in theory, but these institutions are already lined up.

What I also find weird is that there are only two political parties existing. There is never always a wrong and a right, a good side and a bad side, black or white. Political opinions are often not binary.

As I understand these so called parties are not parties in the European sense, but more interest groups. From the system point of view there are multiple „parties“ allowed but it will never happen to have more parties as for all decisions you have to have more than 50% of the votes.

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