What’s lost working from home?

There are some pro’s, but there are also some con’s working from home. So tell me your ideas what’s lost working from home.

There are a few theories that I would like you to falsify according to Karl Popper.

Theory #1:

Working remotely generates a higher performance as there are less interrupts. People are more focussed on their topics, they are getting into a flow, and therefore are more productive.

Theory #2:

We miss the bonding to each of our colleagues and to the company. We are working from home, but it does not really matter, for which company we are working. The focus is only on the topic but we neglect the (social) environment around us.

What's lost working from home
Team work

If you have any proposals how to solve that dilemma, let me know.

I personally like the effects of Covid-19 as it’s making the things transparent. And I mean both, the negative things we have to work on, and the positive things.


Von Gerhard Vogt

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