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Busy with Microsoft Power BI

Sorry that I could not go further with the folding@home project for the time being, but I as busy with Microsoft Power BI. Not for privat but for business.

It’s really much recommended and it’s a lot of fun to implement.

We were changing a lot in the data model during implementation, so it’s also recommended not to start directly with the implementation but spend more time with the data model and the processes behind.

And only start with the implementation when these are fixed .

Then I guarantee you the implementation is really super easy 🙂

We were compiling a setup consisting of multiple excel files and some sharepoint lists. But there are also plenty of other sources available you can grab the data from.

And then it’s so easy to just include the dynamical graphs of Microsoft Power BI into a sharepoint site. Just lovely!

Microsoft Power BI
Power BI graph

Unfortunately I cannot share any screen shot from our data etc. as all the information is company confidential.