Government is a technology, so fix it like one

This is a nice approach thinking of a government as a technology. And I think Eliot is right. Specifically as you always have to enhance and adapt the environment you are living in.

And it does not matter if it’s a relationship or a company or a state. There is always a status quo, and if you stand still you will loose at some point in time.

Government is a technology
Empires fight

It’s like that every item, lifely or not, has a life time. And as every (human) life and also the universe has an end, however it looks like, also states and empires have an end.

Nevertheless it’s still worth to fix them as long as it still makes sense. This means as the maintenance costs are not higher as building them from scratch again. Sometimes this process of building something from scratch again is replaced by a (lost) war.

When I’m looking at the US system I’m really shocked which huge power just one role has. For me it looks more like a kingdom than a democracy as the control mechanisms seem to be quite low. Also the election system looks quite weird to me as there are effectively just two parties with no big differences. And they are playing good and bad cops, white and black (what is not really true, it seems), friends or enemies. A very binary view.

So either they are fixing that system (fast), or it will end soon.

In software some people are saying after n (5) years you should build the software again from scratch. With governments, states and empires it just takes a bit longer.