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Move to the Fediverse

I think, now it’s time to move to the Fediverse. Most of us know that all the proprietary, closed-profit applications are f***ed up.

They are feeding us content that we mostly don’t want, and their only purpose they have is, generating money for them. And for this purpose, they are using our data, that we are giving them voluntarily.

They are bombarding us with advertisements and locking us into their systems. This is the same for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,…

Twitter crashing

And thanks to Elon Musk – a guy that I admire as a businessman, but hate for his racist opinions – who bought Twitter some time ago, triggered a lot of people – including me – to move to the Fediverse.

I think, Musk is very good at managing technical industry companies but will fail IMHO managing a social internet company.

The Fediverse is per definition focussing on non-profit and is interoperable between different applications.

Multiple changes happened recently which is why I think now it’s the right time to move.

WordPress supports the ActivityPub protocol

Now there is a new plugin for any self-hosted WordPress installation available supporting the ActivityPub protocol. As soon as you configure the plugin anybody in the Fediverse can follow either a specific author of your WordPress blog or the complete blog.

Move to the Fediverse

Pixelfed can import from Instagram

You can now import your posts from Instagram into Pixelfed, preserving all the content you have produced in the past.

A quite new and long-awaited feature searching just for text in the toots is now available.

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