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British pusher column, and other specialities

Last time in a cafe in London, I think I was sitting close to a British pusher column.

First I thought it’s just a group of friends or colleagues meeting for breakfast. But after a while the conversation changed, now sounding more like a status report of each.

Quite openly they were talking about how many achievements they each had. And also how the recruiting of new employees was going ahead.

It reminded me a lot of Mackie Messer, written by Berthold Brecht. Where planty of British pusher column people are perfectly shown.

In general the people in London are very busy. Most of them are almost running, while having a look at their mobile.

The tubes are heavily crowded and even for me, not being so tall (175cm) the hight of the trains was not enough. I think they are still running the same trains as 10 years back. I assume they could not even go for higher trains as the tunnels are so tight.

British pusher column

I can imagine that people with agoraphobia have their problems.

While walking to the tourist attractions some of them were carrying their trolleys, as they were just watching some attractions on the way to the airport.

And there are some other weird things I noticed.

Yes, they are driving on the wrong side 🤔 But while walking on the escalators you keep on the right side.

And what a pleasure, they are talking such a fantastic English that I could understand them! 😂

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