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Amazon’s palm-reading tech is coming

Amazon’s palm-reading tech is gonna be provided when you are entering sports stadiums or music venues. And it can be extended to any other event, of course.

So we are making it more simple for entering, they claim.

But also more simple to track us via big data approaches. Of course, Google and Apple know already all the time where we have been. I assume that most people have the GPS service of their mobile phones switched on. Amazon is there a bit behind as they „only“ know our shopping habits.

Amazon's palm-reading tech
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Amazon flex delivery jobs generate phone trees

A new class of trees have evolved, Phone trees! 😉
Looking for Amazon flex delivery jobs people are hanging there phones in the trees.

Amazon flex delivery jobs
Tree without phones

What a crazy world we are living in. On the other hand it’s similar as guys hanging around and waiting for day jobs. We are just using another technology now.


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Voice privacy at home

If you wanna have voice privacy at home and don’t wanna rely on the big mass surveillance companies like Google or amazon, you can.

Just check out the following article which options you have.

Voice privacy at home

AI is not so special anymore and can be provided on small devices without a connection to the big servers, called Edge AI. And I promise there will be more on the future.

Checkout the company picovoice, for example.

Give the power back to the people! 🙂


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Automated code reviews by AWS’ CodeGuru

Automated Code reviews will get some KI support by AWS‘ CodeGuru.

Another approach where Amazon sets the pace.

Automated code reviews
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Amazon pays no taxes

It must be very comfortable that Amazon pays no taxes.

I agree they are doing a great job, if you see it from a client view. They have revolutionized the e-commerce and created the cloud business with AWS.

But looking at the worker conditions and also how they are able to squeeze the countries is awful! The mentioned article is about the US, but you can assume that it’s the same in other countries.

Amazon pays no taxes