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Virus of the mind, memetic science

I was reading the great book „Virus of the mind“ by Richard Brodie. Richard is famously know as the original author of Microsoft Word.

The first chapters were not so intersting for me as I already read some books from Richard Dawkins. Richard Dawkins is the inventor of the word „meme“, that now results in the science of memetics.

Although we are still talking about Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, most of the people are in the mean time accepting that as a theory that could not be falsified so far (see Karl Popper about falsification). In other words, it is accepted to be True.

And the same evolution and replications that are (still) happening on (hardware) DNA level are happening on the (software) mind level.

Virus of the mind

Very intersting is also the theory of how societies and religions evolve. These are based on a bunch of memes. And this evolution will also go on for ever. Of course much faster as on DNA level.

But from the structure you really can view genes and memes quite similar. Both are having replicators and hosts, and don’t care at all about an individual. The only thing that counts is that the genes and memes are surviving and therefor must replicate.

We are all infected by some virus of the mind. But as soon as we know that, we can detect if the viruses we are infected with, are matching with our real goal of life.

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