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AI can detect COVID-19 by listening to your coughs

That sounds very interesting. So let’s cough into our mobile devices, and then an AI can detect COVID-19. It’s quite similar to the ring solution.

Very cool! Get rid of all the costly tests.

AI can detect COVID-19



What’s lost working from home?

There are some pro’s, but there are also some con’s working from home. So tell me your ideas what’s lost working from home.

There are a few theories that I would like you to falsify according to Karl Popper.

Theory #1:

Working remotely generates a higher performance as there are less interrupts. People are more focussed on their topics, they are getting into a flow, and therefore are more productive.

Theory #2:

We miss the bonding to each of our colleagues and to the company. We are working from home, but it does not really matter, for which company we are working. The focus is only on the topic but we neglect the (social) environment around us.

What's lost working from home
Team work

If you have any proposals how to solve that dilemma, let me know.

I personally like the effects of Covid-19 as it’s making the things transparent. And I mean both, the negative things we have to work on, and the positive things.



COVID-19 stats shown on Google Maps

Cool stuff! So you can check easily now how your tarvel target performs with the COVID-19 stats shown on Google maps.

COVID-19 stats
Europe map



Hawai is arresting passengers without „smart“ phones

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related tracking measure, Hawai is arresting passengers without a smart phone.

Hawai is arresting passengers
Digital ID

And very soon you have to have a digital id.

Otherwise you are not allowed to enter the country because you cannot be tracked so easily.


Blog Podcast

Human genome and evolutionary dynamics

A wonderful podcast again! This time about the human genome and evolutionary dynamics.

If you wanna dive into the details of Covid-19 keep on listening.

Human genome and evolutionary dynamics

Here are some fantastic statements from the podcast:

„Evolution is messy and ruthless.“

„Intelligence is always seen in the eye of the beholder.“

„A virus is not intelligent, but the process of the evolution is intelligent as the DNA has the only goal to spread.“

„Let’s embrace people to break things.“

„Let’s target robustness of systems.“

„The ambiguity of language maybe the source of creativity.“