COVID-19 stats shown on Google Maps

Cool stuff! So you can check easily now how your tarvel target performs with the COVID-19 stats shown on Google maps.

COVID-19 stats
Europe map

Hawai is arresting passengers without „smart“ phones

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related tracking measure, Hawai is arresting passengers without a smart phone.

Hawai is arresting passengers
Digital ID

And very soon you have to have a digital id.

Otherwise you are not allowed to enter the country because you cannot be tracked so easily.

Human genome and evolutionary dynamics

A wonderful podcast again! This time about the human genome and evolutionary dynamics.

If you wanna dive into the details of Covid-19 keep on listening.

Human genome and evolutionary dynamics

Here are some fantastic statements from the podcast:

„Evolution is messy and ruthless.“

„Intelligence is always seen in the eye of the beholder.“

„A virus is not intelligent, but the process of the evolution is intelligent as the DNA has the only goal to spread.“

„Let’s embrace people to break things.“

„Let’s target robustness of systems.“

„The ambiguity of language maybe the source of creativity.“

Oura rings catching COVID-19 symptoms

With these quite smart finger rings you can monitor if you have COVID-19 symptoms.

I find them much more convenient than watches as I don’t wanna sleep with a watch on the arm.

Just give it a try!

COVID-19 symptoms
Lord of the ring

COVID-19 Pandemie Artikel und Berichte

Hier ein Sammlung einiger interessanter Artikel zu der aktuellen COVID-19 Pandemie.

Für die nächste Zeit wird dieser Eintrag immer wieder aktualisiert und bleibt „sticky“ auf der Homepage.

Zahlen zu der Übersterblichkeit:


Spiegel Online

Über das Sterberisiko:


Über die Verhältnismässigkeit:


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