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Digital Wüste Deutschland, Welcome SMS

Eine SMS zeigt das gesamte Drama um die Digital Wüste Deutschland.

Wir denken immer, wie toll wir sind. Aber inzwischen haben wir bei vielen Themen den Anschluß an die führenden Nationen verpasst. Und bei der Digitalisierung wird das besonders deutlich. Auch hier zeigt der Corona Virus gnadenlos die Schwächen auf.

Digital Wüste Deutschland
SMS und Apps

Die Asiaten kümmern sich nicht um Datenschutz, die Israelis haben fast keine Bürokratie. Und wir streiten uns, ob wir die gleiche Software in den Gesundheitsämtern einführen. Auf die Idee einer Check-In App kommt ein Rapper. Die Corona App wird von den nicht gerade als super dynamisch bekannten Firmen SAP und Telekom gebaut. Und schon befinden wir uns im hinteren Drittel der Welt.



Tesla’s data advantage. Can Apple, or others, keep up?

Can other car manufacturers keep up with Tesla’s data advantage? Some claim that Tesla is six years ahead of the other car makers.

You can see that from different perspectives. Either purely from the standpoint of an electrical car maker. There I assume that the others like VW are picking up soon. Also from environmental point of view the others will get better when they are getting rid of the legacy topics like the high costs of making fuel engines.

Another aspect is the area of autonomous driving. Also there Tesla is quite far and the others are lacking behind.

Tesla’s data advantage
Electric cars and more

But I agree with Robert Scoble that Tesla is far ahead with respect to software. And this is an important point, as it is really not easy to change a hardware company into a digital software company (In German „Vom Blechbieger zum Digital Unternehmen“).


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Google taps your phone cameras to measure your heart rate

There is no need for another heart rate measuring device as Google taps your phone cameras to measure it.

In close future I assume that more and more health functionalities will move into mobile devices. And of course these devices must not always be smart phones. On the other hand I assume as well that it must be possible to incorporate the data into any kind of digital data store.

You can also detect Corona already with your phone and an AI. I’m not sure why these technical possibilities are not pushed in these times of a pandemic. Sure, it will not solve everything but it could contribute to detect more infections earlier.

Data protection is very sensitive in this area. So I’m looking forward how the different approaches will be.

Google taps your phone cameras
Health is important

I don’t want to imagine what else can be detected and tracked when Google taps your phone cameras maybe also for other activities.


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Try out your AR makeup with Google Search

You wanna try out your AR makeup with the google search? This feature helps you making better decisions with your makeup. Regardless if it’s related to lipsticks or eyeshadows.

So you can stay beautifully and safe at home at the same time 🙂

And there is even no need to move away from the search results to the shops…

AR makeup with Google Search



Hyundai acquires Boston Dynamics

Hyundai confirms its $1.1 billion acquisition of Boston Dynamics, one of the biggest robotics companies world wide.

Hyundai acquires Boston Dynamics

More and more the owners of technology move east. In this case South Korea.

The remaining 20% share is owned by Softbank, the big Japanese communications company.