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Remotely disable any Samsung Smart TV

Samsung has the possibility to remotely disable any Samsung smart TV. In other words, as soon as you have connected your smart TV to the internet you are no longer in full control of „your“ device. Maybe we even have to talk about what „your“ means in this case.

It is quite similar to the case when you are buying an e-book. In this case you are just buying a license for reading the book. Also here the book service provider can control e.g. how long you can read the book.

Controlling a device (book, TV, car, lathe) from remote is becoming more and more common practice.

remotely disable any Samung smart TV
Not a smart TV

Think also of IoT devices that need a service/web page to work. When this service is abandoned also your hardware device is no longer working.

Maybe at some point in time, we want to get back to the old times where we were really in complete control of the things we bought.


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