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Facebook under pressure

Currently Facebook is under pressure.

But I’m not sure if bigger changes of Facebook will happen.

Facebook under pressure
Facebook and Co

Mark Zuckerberg is super smart, in a negative way. He’s not committing to anything that is hurting himself and Facebook, respectively.

And that is in big contrast how the boss of twitter, Jack Dorsey, is acting. With him I see the commitment to change something, that he will no longer accept hate speech and racism on his plattform.


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Which phones sleep together 

Eine ganz tolle Darstellung, was Facebook (und andere) in den sozialen Netzwerken machen, und warum. 

Monologue of the Algorithm: how Facebook turns users data into its profit from Panoptykon Foundation on Vimeo.




Undersea cable 

Microsoft and Facebook’s massive undersea data cable is complete https://www.engadget.com/amp/2017/09/25/marea-data-cable-is-finished/