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Leadership and hard work

What’s the difference between leadership and hard work?

A nice podcast with Simon Sinek, the famous guy that explains lovely why the „Why“ is so important!

Setting arbitrary goals like numbers or doing things faster will generate stress but not passion. The people don’t go for it.

Great leaders like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk putting a lot of pressure on the people that work(ed) for them. But they were/are honest about that and have a vision, and that’s why the employees go with them. The employees say, „OK, it’s a challenge, but I take it, I’m in“

Leadership and hard work



You gave me the freedom 

Two times in live now I got the feedback „You gave me the freedom!“.

This is a real honor for me to hear that. For me this is a result of treating ouhl all people with respect. Whatever role and color they have.

Some people have in mind to distinguish between business and private. But does that really make sense? Do you really think you can be a smart person in private life and an asshole in business?
I don’t believe. And if you behave differently, then you are just acting, being not your honest self. 

And when are you successful?
I think, if you do all the things you want to do,  you perform with passion, with all your heart. Sometimes it looks easy, but I’m sure there is always plenty of effort involved.