Umgang mit Stress

Deutsche wollen weniger Stress – doch wie bewältigt man den Umgang mit Stress am besten?

Unified wireless charging standard for EVs

We’re one step closer to unified wireless charging standard for EVs.

unified wireless charging standard for EVs

That would be really great. Although it can be a second step after EV charging stations at all will be available.

AI text generator

The non profit organisation OpenAI built an AI text generator, that they were worried to release. Read further why.

What about all the authors in the future? Will they be replaced by machines soon?

Faces are computer generated

Can you correctly guess, which faces are computer generated?

Let’s play a game… 😃

Tear down the fake wall

Here is a very nice description with facts and numbers why there are many arguments to tear down the fake wall in the US, that the bully is wanting to build.

A simple data analysis disproves the argument for building a border wall