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Google taps your phone cameras to measure your heart rate

There is no need for another heart rate measuring device as Google taps your phone cameras to measure it.

In close future I assume that more and more health functionalities will move into mobile devices. And of course these devices must not always be smart phones. On the other hand I assume as well that it must be possible to incorporate the data into any kind of digital data store.

You can also detect Corona already with your phone and an AI. I’m not sure why these technical possibilities are not pushed in these times of a pandemic. Sure, it will not solve everything but it could contribute to detect more infections earlier.

Data protection is very sensitive in this area. So I’m looking forward how the different approaches will be.

Google taps your phone cameras
Health is important

I don’t want to imagine what else can be detected and tracked when Google taps your phone cameras maybe also for other activities.



Stay fit in space

How Peggy Whitson stayed in shape for nine months aboard the ISS https://www.engadget.com/amp/2017/09/21/peggy-whitson-in-shape-iss/

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German health system 

In such a way people from the other side of the world see our health system.