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Notepad++ is banned in China after ‘Stand With Hong Kong’ update

What a cracy world we are living in. The very popular software Notepad++ is banned in China. Let’s see how long that ban will be active. On the other hand I guess that there will be other similar software solutions available for China.

Notepad++ is banned in China
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More and more countries are banning software.
And looking at the tiktok battle that is going on between the US and China, it’s getting more and more obvious that this is a fight for power.

I’m betting that the US is loosing that conflict in the long term. They cannot just block hardware like Huawei and software like tiktok. It’s getting clear that the US is getting behind and is no longer „first“ in these technologies.

But instead of putting plenty of money in the development of such technologies to stay competible, they are putting their money in the development of weapons.

Like the technical evolution turned from a hardware focus to a software focus, there will also be a shift from the physical weapon power to the power of economics.

And China is already ahead in the area of economics. Just look at the Neue Seidenstrasse and how much property they already own in Africa and in the USA, for example.



Voter suppression in the USA

I’m not even sure if you can call that a voter suppression in the USA or better a voter deletion.


Greg Palast

More and more I’m coming to the opinion that the USA is not a democracy IMHO. Of course its always a question of definition.

Voter suppression in the USA
USA flag

They are far off with a system of equal rights. Just look who differently the black people are still treated. Still after that long time after the civil war in 1865.

And it’s really amazing and shocking that one role is allowed to decide so many things directly only with very low control by another institution.

Or maybe I’m wrong that there is some kind of control in theory, but these institutions are already lined up.

What I also find weird is that there are only two political parties existing. There is never always a wrong and a right, a good side and a bad side, black or white. Political opinions are often not binary.

As I understand these so called parties are not parties in the European sense, but more interest groups. From the system point of view there are multiple „parties“ allowed but it will never happen to have more parties as for all decisions you have to have more than 50% of the votes.


China läuft uns davon, besonders den USA und Europa

Was sich schon in den letzten Jahren angedeutet hat wird immer deutlicher. China läuft uns davon.

In allen wirtschaftlichen Belangen hat China gewaltige Steigerungsraten. Und der Westen wird mehr und mehr hinterherlaufen.

China läuft uns davon

Die USA versuchen mit militärischer Macht dagegen zu halten. Aber auch das wird meiner Meinung nach nicht gelingen. Einerseits weil es aus meiner Sicht nicht die richtige Strategie ist – von der Moral ganz abgesehen – , andererseits zerfleischen sie sich gerade selbst.

Russland spielt geostratetisch und militärisch noch eine Rolle, aus ökonomischer Sicht sind sie aber nur ein Mitläufer.


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Mehr Überwachungskameras in USA als in China

In den USA gibt es relativ zur Bevölkerung mehr Überwachungskameras als in China.

Und wie bei vielen anderen Aktivitäten (Aussperren von Huawei) geht es mehr darum, wer – China oder USA – die technologische Führerschaft und damit die Macht hat.

Überwachungskameras in USA



US Life expectancy going down

Interesting that the US Life expectancy is going down. I would have expected that a bit later based on the decreasing life conditions, caused by the „America first“ politics.

US Life expectancy
America first